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Student plays Chess with the Director as a reward for exemplary behavior.

Mrs. Ford is the staff member assisting the Acellus team in the installation of the New JCAP STEM Lab.

Acellus team installs New STEM Lab at JCAP.

PBIS students enjoy a special lunch on Friday earned by making PBIS points for the week.

PBIS Winners for the week of Dec 8th.

Season's Greetings from GCA/JCAP Staff member Ms. Romona.

Happy Holidays from JCAP Special Ed Staff, Mr. White, Teacher Assistant.

Safe and Happy Holidays from the Science and English JCAP Staff, Ms.Nanda and Mr. Easton.

Happy Holidays from JCAP Admin  Staff, Mr. Ancrum, Ms. wright and Dr. Youmans 

Happy Holidays from the Senior Instructional Staff of JCAP, Mrs. Ford and Mr. Balamuguran.

Mrs. J. Alvin of Student Services supports JCAP Staff and students.

PBIS students recognized for the week of December 4, 2017.  Student provided service learning activities to the Ridgeland Nursing Home residents.  They sang Christmas Songs and played card games with the residents.

Students pick vegetables from JCAP Garden to prepare for Garden Celebration.

Jose and Jerry prep vegetables from the garden to be cooked for Garden Celebration.

Nurse Hodges visits JCAP to check student's health and vital signs.

RNH resident teaches students how to play solitaire (without the computer) during student visit.

Student transports resident during Service Learning visit.  

Service Learning supervised by Ms. Ford at Ridgeland Nursing Home.

PBIS students recognized for exemplary behavior during the week of Nov. 27, 2017

Dr. Youmans and Mr. White work with students to set up the tree and get ready for decorating.

Mr. White works with students to trim the tree donated by Harvey's Grocery  Store

JCAP Fall Garden ready for harvest.  Buttercrisp Lettuce, Collard Greens, Cabbage and Purple Mustard Greens

Ms. Romona and Student prepping garden box for Fall Planting.

Students listen closely as Insiders visitors share information about the

Juvenile Justice System. 

The Insiders Program shares real life decision making consequences to JCAP.

The Insiders Program shares with JCAP the stories of young people in the Juvenile Justice System 

Mr. White is JCAP's #1 Team Player.

Student completes online course credit

Middle School students prep and attend JCAP Organic Garden

Students recognized for weekly exemplary behavior through PBIS Program.

Congratulations to Mr. Clarence Mitchell, JCAP Sped Teacher,  for completion of the Jasper County Online Mentor Training Update  

Dr. Youmans waters JCAP Garden

Mr. Bonaparte from DJJ conducting a Middle Grades Boys' Mentoring Group.

Mr. Easton's middle grades literacy circle

Mr. Mitchell updates student files.

JCAP staff celebrate's Direcotr Ancrum's  birthday.

Students are enjoying the new study carrels that allow independent work space.

Mrs. Ford is the Lead Teacher at JCAP and our on site online curriculum guru.

New ELA teacher, Mr. Michael Easton is adapting to the online curriculums used at JCAP.

Students prepping the garden boxes to prepare for fall planting.

Mr. Hazel, JCSD Board member, begins mentoring  with JCAP middle school boys.

JCAP receives support from District Hearing Officer Mr. Choice and DJJ Officer Mr. Bonaparte.

JCAP young scientist at work.

Mr. Bala receives certificate for his completion of the Teacher Mentor Training from Human Resources Director.

Student building circuit board project in Science Class.

Ms. Ford receives Teacher Mentor Training Certificate from JCAP Director, Mr. Ancrum.

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