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The Jasper County Alternative Program (JCAP) is designed to provide an opportunity for academic instruction for those students who have been removed from the regular school setting.   JCAP receives students in grades 6 thru 12 through the District Hearing Office, the Office of Student Services or the Special Needs Department.  The Guidance Program is a comprehensive service structured to accommodate the needs of all students assigned.  Each of our students assigned, enter with specific contractual tasks based on their individual restitution.  The School Counselor works collaboratively with the Office of Student Services, The New Life Center for substance abuse counseling, the Department of Juvenile Justice and numerous other community agencies to support the restoration of our students.

The goal of the guidance program is to provide individual and group counseling to address personal/social, academic and career development.  In addition, we support the Service Learning component of the JCAP program, which includes weekly visits to the Ridgeland Nursing Home.  Some of our topics for group counseling include but are not limited to : 

·        Anger Management

·        Self-Esteem and Making Good Choices 

·        Interviewing Skills 

·        Impulse Control and Behavior Management